Successful claims – Jaz Aquaviva, Hurgahda, Egypt

At JPS Walker we have recently settled holiday illness claims brought against TUI UK Limited on behalf of holiday makers who became unwell whilst staying at the Jaz Aquaviva Hotel in Hurghada in June 2017.

Our clients became unwell within days of arriving at the Platinum, 5 star hotel as promoted by TUI and were confined to their rooms suffering from sickness and diarrhoea.  Our clients told us that they were not the ones at the hotel who were unwell and that many other guests were complaining about the hygiene and food standards which they found.

According to review on the Trip adviser website, illness is still occurring amongst guests at the hotel.

One guest who travelled in May 2018 stated:

‘4 out of 6 people travelling to this hotel became ill had to visit clinic on site my wife and son went on a drip and all given loads of medication everyone we spoke to in the hotel had same thing they tried to blame it on heat and beer I don’t drink alcohol and neither does my son and been on other holiday lbs way hotter than it was there and never had a problem.hotel room was falling to bits dirty bedding put on beds clean towels in bathroom with soiled makes on them toilets everywhere round the hotel with dirty with soiled splatter marks all over walls put a complaint in to tui not happy beware’.

Another guest who also stayed at the hotel in May 2018 commented:

‘Hotel building fab!! Room service fab!!! Even whilst we were all room bound due to “bug?? ie severe cramps diarrhoea and vomiting, the lovely waiter brought us water etc to our hotel room door.

Still in severe pain 3 weeks later and desperate for the GP to identify the ‘bug’. Anyone who was out there recently had a diagnosis, please?’

Another disgruntled guest who also visited the hotel in May 2018, noted that;

‘The food was just awful we witnessed on a number of occasions cross contamination with the chefs handling RAW MEAT then serving COOKED MEAT without either cleaning their hands or changing the magic rubber gloves we raised this issue with the head chef who just couldn’t get his head around why its an issue if they are wearing the magic rubber gloves, needless to say we ended up getting the aquaviva fever-a stomach bug that just will not allow anything to pass your lips without spending the proceeding 20 mins on the toilet and in our case in a lot of pain with stomach cramps both myself, my wife and daughter had it for nearly 7 days and its fair to say it completely ruined our holiday we had to buy antibiotics from the pharmacy and i still have cramps now, the dining room was total chaos the waiters just couldn’t keep up with the volume of people coming through it, tables were left in a hell of a mess unless you asked one to clean it away so you could use it….’

The reports are worrying as food poisoning can often be caused when harmful bacteria is spread via hands or kitchen utensils from one food to another. This can lead to food poisoning. Raw foods should always be kept separate from cooked food and hands should always be washed after handling raw foods and before touching other foods and utensils.

Food poisoning can cause very distressing symptoms such as diarrhoea and vomiting and if you have suffered from any other gastric illness, in the last three years, due to poor food safety and hygiene standards whilst on a package holiday, then you may be able to pursue a claim against your tour operator.

If you became unwell whilst staying at the Jaz Aquaviva Hotel, contact one of the holiday illness experts at JPS Walker. They will be able to advise you whether you may be able to make a claim for compensation on a no win no fee basis. For further information contact our expert team on 0161 713 5575 or email

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Successful claims – Jaz Aquaviva, Hurgahda, Egypt
James Walsh