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£30,000 settlement for client hurt in rear-end shunt

In December 2018, Toni was driving in a queue of traffic on a slip road when the vehicle two cars in front came to a sudden halt. While Toni’s vehicle was stationary, a car behind failed to brake in time and collided with the back of hers.

Toni’s first concern was her elderly passengers and the occupants of the vehicle behind, which was badly damaged with airbags deployed. It was over an hour before police arrived on the scene as those involved directed traffic away from the crash site.

Intense pain

Once she got home and the adrenaline had worn off, Toni began shaking violently and suffering intense pain in her neck and lower back. Family took her to the nearest A&E before she was transferred to another hospital and placed in a neck and back brace. It transpired that Toni had sustained severe whiplash, a sacroiliac sprain, aggravation of a pre-existing knee injury and carpal tunnel compression syndrome.
In the months following the accident, its psychological effect also took a toll. She avoided car travel where possible, suffered flashbacks to the accident and nightmares. She became irritable and withdrawn and would be easily startled by noises.

A hard road ahead

A lengthy course of physio for the physical injuries was arranged via insurers with limited success. Toni instructed us a few months after the accident; she felt the insurers had not given due consideration to the severity of her physical and psychological injuries; that she’d been forgotten once physio sessions had been arranged.

The right advice

We sent the Claim and put Toni in touch with the right medical experts to address the full extent of the physical and mental trauma Toni had suffered as a result of the accident.

With our help, Toni secured a settlement of £30,000 and is beginning to put the ordeal behind her.

“I am really satisfied with the work and outcome of the case. Thank you for all your help!” Toni

All too often parties injured through no fault of their own get neither the support nor the recompense they deserve. JPS Walker are here to put that right; if you need expert help in making a claim after an accident, get in touch today.

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£30,000 settlement for client hurt in rear-end shunt