Outbreak of gastric illness at the Melia Dunas Cape Verde Resort

The Melia Dunas Resort offers all year-round sunshine, gorgeous beaches, multiple restaurants and swimming pools and evening entertainment every night of the week.

Holidaymakers that stayed at the Melia Dunas Resort in Care Verde were expecting a luxury, 5 star beach side holiday as part of the Platinum range by TUI and First Choice.

However, they have taken to TripAdvisor to report symptoms of food poisoning, poor food hygiene and lack of responsibility from TUI.

Holiday makers report on TripAdvisor:

  • ‘Food was cold or warm at best’
  • ‘Food was cold, undercooked/ raw’.
  • ‘Flies all over the cold food stations’.
  • ‘TUI took no responsibility’.

If you have suffered a gastric illness whilst staying at the Melia Dunas Resort you may be entitled to compensation. Reports confirm that hundreds of holidaymakers that stayed in the Melia Dunas Resort have made complaints to TUI about food poisoning.

If you have suffered symptoms of food poisoning at the Melia Dunas Resort it is important to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Notify your tour operator as quickly as possible and if you are still suffering symptoms when you return to the UK we advise you to seek medical attention from your local GP. It would also be beneficial to take photos of any complaints you had with the food.

JPS Walker Solicitors are acting for a family of 4 because their holiday was ruined by illness whilst staying at the Melia Dunas Resort. They looked forward to their annual holiday and spent almost £5000.00. The family report ‘huge numbers of flies around the eating areas and the staff within the hotel made no attempt to get rid of these at all, however the bar staff offered clingfilm to stop flies landing in our drinks’.

The family also report a strong smell of sewage around the hotel grounds.

The illness is most likely to have come from inadequate food and drink preparation and handling procedures within the hotel.


Why are holiday makers more likely to fall ill on an all inclusive holiday?

This is because most food within an all inclusive resort is buffet style and catered for large amounts of people. If food is freshly cooked it will be piping hot and all bacteria will be killed. However, if food is left out on a buffet at lukewarm temperatures, or the food was undercooked, it is perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply.

The idea of having an all you can eat buffet with a huge selection of different foods can be appealing to a lot of holiday makers. When you travel abroad on holiday you expect the same standards of hygiene that we are used to here in the UK.

It is not uncommon for the local catering staff in Cape Verde to carry various holiday bugs. It is important staff have good personal hygiene and frequently wash their hands. If they do not, they can transfer bugs from their hands onto the food.

Food on a buffet is often left open to pests such as flies, insects, birds and vermin. These can carry and spread harmful bacteria. If food is lukewarm and left out for long periods of time, the bacteria will begin to multiply.


If you have suffered symptoms of food poisoning at the Melia Dunas Resort, call us today on 0161 713 5575 or complete our online enquiry form to start your claim and your solicitor will recover the maximum compensation for you. We offer to handle your holiday claim under a No Win No Fee agreement so there is no financial risk to you.

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Outbreak of gastric illness at the Melia Dunas Cape Verde Resort
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