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JPS Walker launch Work Claims Bureau division

We are delighted to announce the launch of Work Claims Bureau, a further new division of JPS Walker.

As well hosting a site in English, Work Claims Bureau has a specialist Polish-language site and tailored content to serve the Polish community living and working in the UK.  

Partner Michael Walker says:

“Our staff have already established an impressive track record, drawing on their collective expertise to get the best results for clients in this area of personal injury law.  We wanted to build on the work put in by the great team we have to create a strong, authoritative brand for a specialised work accident claims division.

People involved in accidents at work have specific requirements in terms of the information and legal advice they need access to.  Injured workers can face uncertainty about the right steps to take and the legal landscape can appear daunting at first, especially where English is not a first language.”


The Work Claims Bureau team includes Marta Pawlowska, who specialises in liaison and communication with our Polish-speaking client base.  Marta has 11 years’ experience in translating between Polish and English and having graduated from the University of Manchester, she joined our team this year to take on a role that combines her considerable range of skills.


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JPS Walker launch Work Claims Bureau division
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