Don’t let the Bedbugs bite

Bedbugs are a growing problem in the hotel industry both in the UK and abroad. Bed bug bites are particularly unpleasant and can result in significant discomfort and even scarring.

It can be difficult to avoid bedbugs as they can easily be transported in a variety of ways such as:

-Bugs can be transported on a person’s clothing or luggage;

-Infested furniture,

-Travelling through false ceiling or ducts from nearby flats or rooms;

Bed bugs are small, flat insects which rely on humans to carry them from one place to the next. They feed on blood from humans or animals and are most active at night, feeding on victims whilst they sleep.

Bed bugs bites classically form a line of bites which can help identify them from other insect bites. They can occur anywhere on the body but are usually found on areas of the skin that are exposed while sleeping such as the face, arms, legs and hands. They are commonly found in hotels or hostels and local authority housing.

Some of the compensation awards which could be recovered for bed bug bites, in accordance with the JC Guidelines are:

– Single noticeable scar or several superficial scars justify an award between £2000 to £6900.  Bed bug bites of the face which have resulted in facial scarring would result in a higher award.

-Itching, irritation or a rash resolving within a few months with treatment could be awarded from £1,500 to £3,500.

-Minor injuries where recovery is between seven days and three months merit an award ranging from £250 – £2,100.

JPS Walker Solicitors have experience in successfully claiming compensation for bed bug bites. If you have suffered, contact our team on 0161 713 5575 or complete the online form on our website and we will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know how we can help you claim compensation.

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Don’t let the Bedbugs bite
James Walsh