£1,500 settlement for agency worker injured by falling box

Accident at warehouse

In January 2019, Damian was unloading a truck at a warehouse when a box fell from the top of a stack of other boxes.

The box struck Damian and he suffered a nasty cut to the forehead.  The accident was reported to a manager who took photographs of the accident location.  Damian had to take a week off work.

Shortly after the accident, Damian contacted us via our Work Claims Bureau site to see if we could help him make a claim following the distressing accident.

The claim is sent to the insurer

The work Damian was carrying out was through an employment agency.  It was established that the firm delivering to the warehouse, not the agency, was responsible for loading the truck and securing the boxes. We assessed the claim and we were of the opinion that the Defendant had failed to take reasonable care for Damian’s safety in allowing boxes to be stacked in a manner that posed a risk of them falling.

The solicitor put together the claim form setting out the facts and basis for the claim, including reference to the specific legislation it was alleged that the Defendant had failed to meet.

Damages secured

A few weeks after submitting the claim form, the firm’s insurer admitted liability for the accident.  We subsequently negotiated a settlement of £1,500 in damages.

Whatever the extent of the injury you’ve suffered at work, JPS Walker provide a first-class legal service and can help with any support you need during your recovery.

Our solicitors have decades of experience in securing the best possible financial compensation and support for work accident victims, whether the injuries are relatively minor and recover quickly, or where the has been a serious life-changing trauma or illness.

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£1,500 settlement for agency worker injured by falling box
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