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The popularity of hot tubs and in the UK, is soaring and it’s easy to see why. The chance to sit and relax in luxury means that accommodation providers are going out of their way to offer rental lodges, log cabins and cottages with hot tubs. These are proving very popular with a wide variety of holidaymakers from couples looking for a romantic weekend away to large hen parties.

With the increase in the use of hot tubs comes inevitable risks which inexperienced operators will be unaware of. The recent newspaper reports of a group of children developing a terrible hot tub rash all over their bodies due to a bacterial infection from hiring a dirty hot tub is evidence of what can happen if the correct procedures aren’t followed.

Hot tub rash is a common name for folliculitis, a skin inflammation which may be spread by exposure to contaminated water in hot tubs and surrounding areas. People who use a hot tub together, such as families or groups of friends, often become infected simultaneously.

Most cases usually resolve within 1-2 weeks although more persistent cases may require a course of antibiotics.

The warm, moist conditions in the hot tub are ideal for the growth and spread of bacteria of the bacteria meaning it is very important for hot tub operators to have an established system of monitoring and cleaning in place.

Hot tub operators can easily reduce the risk of hot tub rash by keeping the tub clean and continuously disinfected by treating the water in line with public health recommendations. If these procedures aren’t followed, then the operator should simply not allow the hot tub to be used.

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Hot Tub Britain
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