Accidents on a Plane or Boat

JPS Walker holiday claim team have experience in dealing with a variety of different accidents arising from an aeroplane or ship. Examples can include:

  • Burns from the spillage of hot food or drinks when being served
  • Slips or trips in or around the aeroplane or ship
  • Emergency landings
  • Struck by hostess trollies
  • Loose objects falling from overhead lockers
  • Negligence from a member of staff causing you injury
  • Lacerations caused by sharp edges
  • Food poisoning from a cruise ship

Accidents which occur on aeroplanes and cruise ships are covered by the Montreal and Athens Conventions respectively. The Conventions have priority over UK law and as such, any compensation claim must be brought under the terms of the Convention itself. It is important to know that the time limit for bringing a claim for personal injury compensation under the Conventions is only 2 years

The team at JPS Walker have experience in dealing with compensation claims resulting from accidents on an aeroplane, cruise ship or boat. Our specialist team will help you to recover the cost of your holiday, compensation for your injury, any medical expenses incurred, loss of earnings and travel expenses. If you have incurred any other expenses because of your injury, we will seek to recover the losses on your behalf.

We offer to handle your holiday claim under a No Win No Fee agreement so there is no financial risk to you.

Claims arising from accidents on-board an aeroplane or ship is a complex area of law so you will need expert advice from a specialist solicitor. Call us today on 0161 713 5575 or complete our online enquiry form to discuss your case with a member of our holiday claims team.